Ant is now an official VAMPIRE!

AAAAAAAAGH! Oh… I’ll be okay as I have GARLIC! MUHAHAHAHA he can’t drink my blood anyway because THE WORLD IS MINE!
PS: Does anyone ever read this? Cuz if not I can slag people off and THEYLL NEVER KNOW! MUHAHAHAHAAAAA!


AGGGH! MY NICKNAMES ARE IN USE BY SOMEONE ELSE ON MSN GAMES! THAT CAN’T BE POSSIBLE BECAUSE THE WORLD IS MINE! Ok I’m done. I think. Now I have 13 nicknames, so call me whichever one you want. Except Carlina, that’s monged. Don’t get confuzed!
1: MongMaster
2: DracoAurarius
3: Mr. Pleb
4: Carlsberg
5: Carling
6: Carlton
7: InvinciMan
8: InvinciDude
9: InvinciGuy
10: IncrediMan
11: IncrediDude
12: IncrediGuy
13: Carlina
Hehehehe I’m so sad. DracoAurarius is latin for Golden Dragon. I thought of that cuz I think it sounds good and I like dragons, so don’t complain cuz THE WORLD IS MINE!