MORONS! Srry got bored
now i have killed 22 binladens! in your freakin face binladen type fool!!!
im gonna change my website name juuust a sec
btw, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees si
hi andy
lol phil yea i think ive already been to hospital they couldnt give me a cure
ok andy that poem was weird lol

5 thoughts on “Bored

  1. The World Is a Beautiful Place 

    The world is a beautiful placeto be born intoif you don’t mind happinessnot always beingso very much funif you don’t mind a touch of hellnow and thenjust when everything is finebecause even in heaventhey don’t singall the timeThe world is a beautiful placeto be born intoif you don’t mind some people dyingall the timeor maybe only starvingsome of the timewhich isn’t half badif it isn’t youOh the world is a beautiful placeto be born intoif you don’t much minda few dead mindsin the higher placesor a bomb or twonow and thenin your upturned facesor such other improprietiesas our Name Brand societyis prey towith its men of distinctionand its men of extinctionand its priestsand other patrolmenand its various segregationsand congressional investigationsand other constipationsthat our fool fleshis heir toYes the world is the best place of allfor a lot of such things as making the fun sceneand making the love sceneand making the sad sceneand singing low songs and having inspirationsand walking aroundlooking at everythingand smelling flowersand goosing statuesand even thinkingand kissing people andmaking babies and wearing pantsand waving hats anddancingand going swimming in riverson picnicsin the middle of the summerand just generally’living it up’ Yesbut then right in the middle of it comes the smilingmortician Lawrence Ferlinghetti

  2. hey carl, only 4 comments, lol hope u liked the last 1, got board and thought i should bore u with a poem about the world!!!! as u think the world is yours u shud at least no something about it!!!!!! i hvnt read it btw so tell mi what u think of it when u do, if u do!!!!!

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